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Let our AI-powered matching engine find the right investors for your company, based on your specific data and requirements.

Early stage businesses are always raising money. So far, it has been a struggle to identify the right investors, to find out whether their investment criteria are a match, to find ways to approach them. Businesses had no way of learning from each other and had to waste time and effort by repeating the same learning curve. The old process was inefficient and with low probability of success, even for high quality startups. On top of that, private investing was mostly relationship based and non-transparent, sometimes leading to biased decisions.

Lower costs of research in terms of time and money spent
Faster execution and decision making process
Persistent, auditable project and fund scouting and screening process
High data consistency and accuracy
Better access to the right talent, deals and projects
Both our AI and reputation system act as spam filters: only meaningful contacts and interactions will be facilitated. Users will only be contacted by other users who can really help them, not by pushy salespeople

Everything changed with
  • Our platform automatically recommends and provides the contact details of the investors most likely to invest in your business based on our proprietary data set of hundreds of thousands of transactions and investors. The more data you provide the better you are matched.
  • Active users, who provide accurate data and insights can build their reputation and stand out to investors, clients and recruiters.
  • by keeping your data accurate,you can make sure investors can easily find you.

  • We use a unique combination of data sources: own research based on public data, social media, incubator and accelerator data, research projects, media publications and news feeds, curated user input
  • The AI algorithms learn from experience and the matching engine gets better and better the more it is used.
  • We use AI for quality control, too: AI algorithms working in the background check data consistency and accuracy

  • Investment decisions can be now driven by unbiased data and metrics.

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