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Discover startups, portfolios, funds and potential LPs. Let our AI show you the companies and funds that are the best match for your unique profile and criteria.

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With, fund managers and institutional investors can design their investment process around accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive information and quantitative metrics. Investors can use our platform to scout potential investment targets, research the market and the competition, identify alternative investment opportunities, and benchmark their portfolios.

Super low cost of investor research
No more wasting time searching websites, compiling spreadsheets and keeping them up to date
No more wasting time pitching to the wrong audience
Higher probability of success
Our platform redefines the investment process:
  • AI matching engine replaces manual research.
  • Structured business model and supply chain data is used for more accurate matching and business analytics.
  • The integrated CRM module allows both conducting research and managing the investment process from inside the platform: users can add private notes to public data, define investment criteria, share specific data fields only with specific users.
Ability to own and manage your own data (and look professional in front of clients and investors on the platform)
Ability to earn reputation and stand out to clients, investors, recruiters, potential co-founders and employees
Access to current and historic market data about similar project and deals (premium subscription)
Availability of non-financial metrics like diversity, impact or reputation expressed by objective score is built around a proprietary data set of hundreds of thousands of transactions and thousands of investors supplemented by curated user generated data.

  • Our unique combination of data sources include own research based on public data, social media, incubator and accelerator data, research projects, media publications and news feeds curated user input.
  • Data quality is controlled by AI: algorithms work in the background checking data consistency and accuracy, detecting anomalies in data and human errors/ omissions / fraud attempts, predicting values and fill gaps when no data is available, detecting fake, duplicated and spammy identities in the community.
  • Our community of founders, experts, mentors and investors is built on trustworthy persistent reputation, eliminating spam and fake identities. The unique data about our community generates useful insights related financial data as well as qualitative and behavioral metrics (level of activity, engagement, reputation, diversity, impact).

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