Let Alice, our AI, quickly find investors who are the best match speficically to your company, based on the data you provide.

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Search, browse and apply analytics to our growing data of companies, investment deals, industry professionals. Generate custom reports, notes and share everything privately with your team.

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Unique features provides easy, convenient investor discovery and actionable insights.

Founders don’t have to manually search through lists of investors anymore and then validate them, again manually. Instead, when they create a company profile on, the CRM is automatically populated with the most relevant investors specifically for their business specifically.

  • Automatically popoulated, intuitive CRM. No need to manually search or dig through databeses.
  • Social graph showing connections to investors.
  • Personalized insights about each investor explaining why they are a good match.
  • Identfying the non-obvious investors
  • Actionable insights, no more "where do I start" questions
  • Non-financial data like diversity, social and environmental impact.


For Startups

Manual research replaced by AI matching engine: a simple, 5 minute process replaces hours of tedious web searches and digging through investor websites. Objective ranking and matching based on metrics and data, not biased opinions.

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The amazing Team

We are deeply involved in the startup world and know that raising money and building a successful business is hard. We have built to overcome the real challenges we have faced ourselves as founders, investors, managers and developers.

Max Atanassov CEO
Moe Sayadi CTO
Michal Bacia COO
Delia Sabau CFO