Firms Directory

Title Country Industry Notes
Azulis Capital France
Azulite Inc United States
Azulstar Inc United States
Azuma LP United States
Azumah Resources Ltd Australia
Azumio Inc United States 5820 Software publishing
Azuna LLC United States
Azuqua Inc United States
Azuray Technologies Inc United States Applying innovative power conversion technology to solar energy market.
Azure Biotech Inc United States
Azure Capital Partners United States
Azure Capital Partners III LP United States
Azure Dynamics Corp Canada
Azure Entrepreneurs III LP United States
Azure Griffin Fund LP United States 6430 Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
Azure Growth Equity (sprinklr) LP United States
Azure III Bouqs Growth LP United States
Azure Midstream Holdings LLC United States
Azure Minerals Ltd Australia
Azure Power India Pvt Ltd India 3510 Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
Azure Ridge Community LLC United States
Azure Solutions Ltd United Kingdom 5820 Software publishing
Azure Time Management LLC United States
Azureus Software Inc 5820 Software publishing Developer of the Vuze Bittorrent client
Azurinvest Hungary 3290 Other manufacturing n.e.c.
Azuro Inc United States 5820 Software publishing
Azurrx Biopharma Inc United States
Azzurra Holding Corp United States
Azzurri Communications Ltd United Kingdom 6312 Web portals Independent provider of managed communications services.
Azzurro Semiconductors AG Germany 2610 Manufacture of electronic components and boards Manufacturer of ultra high quality Gallium Nitride (GaN) epi wafers
A_Capital Ventures 6630 Fund management
A³ by Airbus Group